This app is the best thing ever for measuring acres. I am a Crop Adjuster and accuracy is most important. This does a great job! It’s worth every penny!!!

By Gary Weaver from United States

As a full time Agricultural Pilot I find this App priceless!!! Too many times I’ve flown into a farm looking at the paddocks I will have to spray out or fertilise and thinking to my self! Old farmer Joe is kidding me if he thinks that paddock is only 49 or 50 hectares? And so under his watchful eye, I run around the paddock with Planimeter and it confirms the paddock is 57.2 hectares …

By Helicopter Ag from Australia
5 Star

Saved a lot of time and very accurate!

By Tompers! from United Kingdom
Irrigation Contractor

I use this program almost everyday. It works great! Delivers a great photo and the accuracy is incredible. Would be nice to be able to measure multiple areas at one time.

By Clint213 from United States
Great and Useful App.

If you walk or hike and want to create routes for your trips and know distance you covered or would like to cover great app.

By Maxx522 from United States
Great app

Excellent tool for measuring acres. If you are a farmer this is the app you need.

By Nhollow from United States
A very useful app to have in your “quiver”

Simple to use, many applications.

By Corprebrkr from United States
Top of the Line! Use it EVERY day!

Started a job where I needed to measure acres and nothing is more user friendly or as accurate as Planimeter. If there was a refer a friend program I’d be a billionaire…

By Kyyker from United States
Almost perfect

Very effective tool for area planning. Would be further enhanced by allowing square/circle stretchable area markers. So that everything is square.

By Paranguaraccutirimicuaro from United States
Great app

This app works just as advertised. For me, being in real estate, it comes in handy for business.

By Gloandevan from United States