Great app for measuring locations on the run

Use this app all the time to measure out the square footage of properties for landscaping job. It has been great and has made my work so much easier.

By Snazzy_scott from Canada
Plan app

Very good

By Roobdoom from United Kingdom
Great app!

Really helps in verifying area measurements. We held a GPS against it and it actually got better measurements using 4G as apposed to satellite on a cloudy day.

By Roland17 from United States
Incredible Support

I purchased this based on other people’s strong reviews, and although I couldn’t figure it out completely by myself, I received immediate and helpful feedback and was able to use it to plot an important run and its distance.

By Not happy from United States

This is a super app. After emailing for further instructions I am even more pleased. I highly suggest.

By Meeskin from United States
Great App

Excellent and accurate area finder and plotter. Very easy to use. Have found it very useful -

By MukulB from United States

App allows you to place pins on a satellite image they auto measure between each pin meaning you can basically calculate sq metres acres or whatever you need very useful for event planners, farmers, land values or anyone who wants to measure land or anything that shows up on a satellite image. Over the moon excellent app saved a site vist and gaff with a measuring wheel v v v happy

By Butters4321 from United Kingdom
Very Well Done

A very well done app for calculating acreage of odd shaped plots of land for planting. Thanks

By Stockman43 from United States
Very Useful For Our Roofing Business

The very good previous version reviews and low cost got me to try the APP ….. And it was worth every cent and more ….

We like that the app gives your your total squares as well as the length measures …. And it works quick and is easy to understand how to use …..

I’m sure the Developer will add features as they grow …. Five Stars in my book!

By Who You Too from United States
Simple. Effective. Brilliant.

Great little app an well supported by the developer who responded to feedback ideas. Highly recommended.

By Review-bot 3000 from United Kingdom