Plan view works great for us. Allows us to accurately access the square footage and acreage for our jobs.

By Chips-tree from United States
Good app

Does what it says. Satellite based, not high res aerial photography, which is a lot more expensive. But looking for general measurements or visual review of property, it’s perfect.

By Tobydad756 from United States
Great App!!

This is a very useful app for the money. I’m a farmer and comes in real handy!

By jerdon25 from United States
Gokivo GPS

This app good.Very useful measurement….

By A~M~W from United States
Great App – Accurate, Professional UI

This app comes in very handy in the field. I am a road construction inspector and have had the opportunity to compare this app against known survey measurements of over 13,000 ft and have found it to be within 3 ft at that distance. I am convinced that the difference of 3 ft is related only to my inability to select the beginning and endpoint perfectly, which is expected. The user interface is very professional. Recent upgrades as made the app very fast. Best of all, it still utilizes Google Maps imagery, which is higher quality than Apple Maps. I highly recommend this app to anybody who might need to measure something outdoors, whatever it might be.

By Albie56 from United States
Simple and effective

I have wondered why the map apps don’t have this feature as a matter of course. Works very well.

By dnod from United States

This is an awesome app. I’m a map junkie, earth, space, wherever, and pilot. Great for laying out crop fields, boundaries, hunting and shooting etc. Might suggest a stop drawing feature to allow for irregular land area measurements.

By MuleEar from United States
Real improvement

This was already a really useful app but the improved map features and clarity make it much more useful congratulations on utilizing OS 6 so well. I have been using it for over two years and the ability to switch between metrics is very helpful working with my European counterparts. Have tried other Similar apps but this is by far the best. Also excellent support and the developer is very open to new ideas.

By Sculler7 from United States
Top of class

This app makes it very easy to place the pins. I measure fields for acres and following terraces and curves for tillage equipment requires a lot of pins on complex polygons. I tried 5 other apps and this one is by far the best.

By Barbwire king from United States
Excellent app

This is a very useful tool and well worth the money. I use it all the time. I have looked at pieces of land and wondered how big it is. After purchasing this app, no more guessing!! Easy and simple to use.

By Bonanza Flyer from United States